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Adult camping logs - help!

I have read that Scoutbook will not support adult camping logs. I’m not going to complain about that if I can’t do anything about it. However, I have a log of 206 nights of camping that I can’t access from the previous version of Scoutbook. Is all of that data lost now? My profile shows zero entries and 206 nights of camping now. I can’t seem to generate a report listing those events. I spent a lot of time putting this into Scoutbook, thinking that it was a safe thing to do for permanent unit records. If you’re not going to let us use it for adults, could you please just give me back my data so that I don’t have to enter it into an excel spreadsheet all over again? Thanks!

Are you a unit Admin? If so, then you can Export / Backup the old logs, and your info. should still be there.

I’m looking at the camping logs for an adult in my unit from IA2 (where the logs now live). It looks like it has (most of) the camping nights that were in Scoutbook before The Change. Are you talking about non-leader adults? I’m not 100% sure those were ever listed, although not having been able to access the accounts for other adults, I’m not certain about that.

As @JenniferOlinger pointed out, a Scoutbook unit admin from your unit can download the old log history files so that the data is accessible outside of the database. However, if you’re a leader, I would take a look at your logs at scoutbook.scouting.org. You should be able to see your own, I believe, even if you’re not a Key 3 or Key 3 delegate.

I am an administrator, but I am new (like everybody) to this new and really complicated data entry system for camping, hiking, service, etc. I’m the new Cubmaster, and I’ve been an ACM and DL for the past few years, so I’m no stranger to Scoutbook. I love(d) it and use(d) it all the time. So I believe you, but I’m not sure how to do it.

Honestly, I think like many others, if I can get our data out. I’m probably going to just back it all up on Excel and give up. It’s so slow and frustrating.

By the way, I followed the link you offered on logs and it lists all the kids in the Pack, but none of the adults.

Toggle the pulldown menu so that it shows adults as well as youth.

OK. I got the adults to list on the roster. However, if I click on me, it takes me to the same screen as before…0 entries, 206 nights, no way to download the data.

In Scoutbook, go to your main Pack page in Scoutbook, then click on:

Export / Backup -> Legacy Camping, Hiking, Long Cruise, and …

this will export a CSV file that you can open up in Excel or other spreadsheet program.

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How do you export/backup the old logs?

OK. That totally worked. And it was completely easy. So…riddle me this…why can’t we just use that instead of this new thing they created? That even gave me an easy excel file instead of an impossible to manipulate and incomplete PDF file? If I had some way to continue entering events in the old system, I would still love to use Scoutbook for this reason. Is there any prospect at all for access to the old system or making the new system easy and accessible to record kids and adults alike? I think I know the answer to this question, but you just illustrated how easy things used to be versus how hard they are now. And I’m a pretty technically competent user who deals with this kind of thing in my daily job. I can only imagine how a typical Cubmaster is going to look at all of this…

there is also a filter when viewing a profile logs - that has personal activities - that has to be on to see old stuff

Jennifer’s solution worked for me. Would that mean that I had the proper filter on? Or is there something else to all of this? Can I somehow get around the new functionality with a filter?

I think you’re saying you were able to export out of the old system. But you should be able to also see them in the new system by making sure you have filters set to include personal events. All activities that came in from the prior system are treated as personal by default because there was no option otherwise in the old system.

I understand what you’re saying now. However, I don’t think that you can see adult camping/hiking records in the new system at all. I read another forum saying that they didn’t plan on making that happen. Are you saying that it’s possible by changing filters? And if so, how?

I can see my own camping, hiking, and service logs (old and new) in the new system at Internet Advancement 2.0.

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That’s cool. So…if I could find some way to be able to access that in my new system, that would be great. You showed me how to access it in the old system, but not the new. I also can’t add any events for myself…just the kids. Does that have to do with the filters? And if so, how do I fix them?

  1. Go to scoutbook.scouting.org (AKA IA2)
  2. Click on Roster
  3. Click on the pulldown in the top right corner to turn on adults
  4. Click on the adult’s name
  5. Click on Camping in the list of logs under the adult’s name (no nights/hours are listed here which I think is a bug)
  6. Wait 30 seconds or so for the logs to load.

I see entries from both before and after the logs switched from Scoutbook to IA2 without toggling any settings (at least not that I recall toggling in the past, anyway).

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

ETA: You can also reach your own information by clicking “Profile” on the left side menu:

Yeah…what you’ve described is exactly what I’ve done and that’s the dead end I’m running into. This is what I get:

As you can see…206 nights, no entry, error message. I can try to download the report, but it’s a complete blank.

Hrm…what shows up under the fleur de lis in the top right corner of the window?

Looks like this…