Position end date entered, lost admin access

For some reason all the positions I have in Scoutbook have an end date of February 9, 2022 so now I am kicked out of everything including my admin rights. I also noticed on the my.scouting website I currently don’t have any positions listed anymore…any idea how to fix this, nothing is changed and I’m still in all the roles I was previously approved for??? Thank you.

I should also state my training is up to date and won’t expire until 2023.


Your registration ended on 12/31/21. You will need to work with your unit Key 3 and Council to become registered again.

Thank you. Why would my registration end? Does this have to do with the re-charting process, I’m unsure how that all works.

Yes. The rechartering process is how current leaders and Scouts register for the next year.

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