Scout info has disappeared

My scout’s record is no longer accessible in Scoutbook for some reason. It seems to have disappeared after the charter renewal deadline on March 1st. My scout’s BSA ID 132154993. Mine is 122598784 and my MBC status is not correct on scoutbook either. Thanks.

@LeslieDunbar It looks like the troop did not recharter, and the 60 day grace period is over. Your son’s information is still there, it is just hidden because he does not have a current registration.

What issue are you seeing with your MBC status?


What?! Oh dear! Parents don’t know this! When I log into scoutbook I see “no active positions” for me.

This doesn’t involve the parents as a group. This is a COR and CC type of task that should be started and completed, by the deadline, in the background.

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@LeslieDunbar Your MBC position looks good to me in Scoutbook, and I was able to find you using the MBC search function.

It’s a little difficult for me to tell (we do not have Registrar Tools), but I think your son’s registration might be pending, and resolve within the next 24-48 hours.

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Checking on this again today. Your son’s registration looks good today. I think the troop’s Recharter just posted.

They might need to move Scouts back into their patrols and check leadership positions.

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Eureka! I’ve been looking at this almost daily waiting for it to return and, lo and behold, I write to you and it’s fixed! Coincidence or not, you get credit! Thank you so much!

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