Scoutbook membership has end date

My cub scout pack moved up to BSA in January and they are still not showing up in scoutbook. When i logged into my own childs account, he had an end date under his BSA troop. I removed the date yesterday and he showed back up on the troop roster. Today i logged back in to scoutbook and his end date was changed to todays date and it will no longer let me edit it. Under optional notes it says “ended in the UI by user #…” And it lists my user number. How do i fix this?! I have 11 kids having the same issue.

@DanielleCarroll1 it sounds like they are not registered in Troop - post some BSA #s and we can look

My sons BSA# is 135876232

I asked another parent to edit her sons end date and he is now showing up in scoutbook so he is the only other # i can see. His is 134987352

That Scout is not registered - looks like maybe dropped at recharter - you need to talk to your unit

Thanks for the quick response. Who should i speak within the unit? Our troop admin has been working on this issue as well and we cant seem to figure it out.

You need to talk to your chair or membership person

you joined in the middle of recharter - so these scouts were NOT on charter and their memberships ended 12/31/21

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