Position Manager error / removing advancement chair

Desktop / Windows 11 / Edge (latest) / cleared cache and tried inprivate.
Trying to remove member ID 12783830 / Minsi Trails 502 from advancement chair on Troop 364. Person is also a key 3 delegate, and I want them to remain there. Upon trying to remove them as advancement chair, I specify the date (tried todays date, future dates), and an error box pops up at the top saying “not found” and I’m unable to remove this person.

Thank you.

I just tried with todays date no issue - have you tried a past date? @MatthewWoodruff1

@DonovanMcNeil - When I try a past date, it says date cannot be before todays date. When I put in todays date it just says “Not Found” in a small blue box at the top center of the screen. Thanks.

What time zone are you in?

@MatthewWoodruff1 - I would try firefox or chrome to rule out the edge browser

@jacobfetzer - I’m in Eastern.

@Stephen_Hornak - tried chrome, and chrome inprivate as well. All 4 methods (private or regular in both browsers) result in the same effect.

@MatthewWoodruff1 maybe first remove K3D - then UAC - then add K3D back. Or have a different K3 try it

I’m seeing a similar issue: We are switching our “Registration Inquiry” functional role in position manager:
Currently Position Manager shows both members under the role, but when trying to remove one of the members i see the “not found”. Dates in past are rejected, todays date and future dates bring the “not found” error. The member attempting to be removed is also currently registered as New Member Coordinator.

I’m wondering if @DonovanMcNeil’s suggestion here is correct: due to the user being connected to multiple roles it causes issues?

My suggestion would be to make a short screen video - and have your council send it in on a National Member Care Ticket

@DonovanMcNeil - thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately it didn’t work. Last evening I removed her from K3D and Reg Inquiry. Those 2 removed without error (or so I thought). This morning when I logged in to try and remove advancement chair, she was back listed in K3D and Reg Inquiry. I did send an email into our registrar with a picture of the error to create a ticket with National. Thanks.

@DonovanMcNeil - Just to close this out, I did send a picture into the council, who spoke with National. Apparently from what they told her, the record will show for 60 days, even though I terminated her access. So for 60 days, you can’t add a new advancement chair (at least with my access). Our council registrar is able to do so, so now I show 2 people in the advancement chair role. I suspect the original person will drop off after the 60 days. Honestly makes no sense whatsoever… not how RBAC works in any other system I’ve managed. Thank you for the suggestions, however.

That is bizarre they put the grace period on Functional Roles

Some comments on the 60 day grace period -

Because the BSA system does not track the day of the month, when a registration or functional role is “expired”, the clock starts using the end of the previous month - making the change anytime in May has an expiration of April 30.

And the “60 day” grace period is actually “two” months plus one day - the grace period ends two months after the EXPIRATION DATE (not the date of change). Using the above example, a change in May has a grace period ending July 01. AND the system needs an overnight sync to deal with this, so the problem doesn’t go away until July 02.

Summary - a change in registration or functional role (any day this month) results in an expired position until the 2nd of the month two months later (don’t count 60 days).

Problem -

  1. If a registered position or functional role is restricted to only one person at a time, the unit must have the registrar deal with complications.
  2. If a Key 3 position is involved, while there are two folks in a one person spot, the COR is not able to move unit folks from one registered position to another (i.e., DL to MC).

@MatthewWoodruff1 @DougWright I would suggest asking your registrar to submit a request to national to allow key 3 (delegates) to end functional roles even when in the grace period. Frankly, this sounds like a bug fix more than an enhancement request to me.

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It does seem like a bug. Our old COR made me COR and it saved it and made the change. If functional roles require it to be vacant for so long, it surely is a bug. Maybe I am missing something.