Position Manager issue - District Key 3 Delegate dropped off and not able to add back

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129946876 - Adventure West council.
I am attempting to add the individual back as a District Key 3 Delegate. I am the District Chair. They have an active role as District Membership Committee Chair, but their name doesn’t even appear in the list of individuals I can add as a District Key 3 Delegate (Bighorn 02)

Thanks for any advice!

Did they just recharter? Is their charter fully processed and listed??

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I think everyone just rechartered.

No idea how to check if that one individual has been processed yet, but the discrepancy of them listed in a different position on the same page led me to ask here. I only show 4 people total in the drop down box for District Key 3 Delegates, and they aren’t the ones I was expecting.

This is an Ask Council Question really

I can try chasing the squirrel up that tree - looking to understand more about the system and if I should bug them or wait a couple days - it would help if I could see the status for this individual. They show on the roster as normal. I think I’ll give it over night and see what happens -

What is the BSA #? @MichaelBrake