New Key 3 Application Manager Access

Howdy folks - we have some new Key 3 who are trying to be involved in the application process and they can’t access Application Manager - but I know at least one of them (the CC) is listed as CC in His details follow below, can you please let us know what we might need to do to fix it? We’ve gotten emails saying there are new Applications awaiting approval but he can’t access the Application Manager when he clicks the link. This is for Far East Council Hong Kong Pack 1.

SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

Thanks much!

@GregoryStevenson1 his log in is wrong - he needs to log into > click Menu top left > Click Manage Member ID > one of the BSA # will be there marked PRIMARY > then add the other MID (BSA #) - you want to make the one that is your unit registration PRIMARY


Thanks for the prompt reply, as always!


@GregoryStevenson1 14087035 should be primary - might not work cause one has Middle name - if it does not I can fix - but better for user to know the fix

Thanks very much @DonovanMcNeil! I was able to add that ID (and how have 3 ID numbers for some reason).

One other question — I am trying to add a Key 3 delegate, but all of the boxes on the Position Manager page are grayed out. I can read the information but cannot edit it. Do you know how to get editing privileges or who may have those privileges?

COR or COR delegate.

In the past, Key 3 or Key 3 Delegates could edit functional roles in my.scouting
Was that changed recently?

I could be wrong. I wish these parts were better documented.

Unit Key 3 and Key 3 Delegates should be able to designate functional roles (exception is COR Delegate, which can only be designated by the COR).

If Jonathan’s accounts were just fixed today, then he will likely need to wait for an overnight process to run and for everything to sync up with his Committee Chair position.

Please note: COR and COR Delegates are the only ones who can use the Position Manager to change registered positions or to approve adult applications in the Application Manager.

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Thanks for all your help everyone - we’ve got new leadership at the Pack getting their first experience with these systems and your help is invaluable! #SUACFTW

Troop ASM #127901575 requested via my.scouting to become multiple registration with Pack. COR later said he completed his approval part online. This was a week ago, how long should it take until this leader gets added to the Pack roster?

My experience has been about 24 hours.

@VictoriaMorgan Ask the adult leader to log in at my.scouting and go to:

Menu → My Profile

Then scroll down to the “Registrations” section. Does he see his pack position listed there? If not, then someone will need to contact the local council about the registration.

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His profile does not show the Pack registration so we will be contacting the Council.
Thanks for your guidance.


Thanks! You were right @JenniferOlinger — I can do it now.

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@CharleyHamilton I have noticed if you are not the Scouting preferred Key3 you cannot change positions, add positions, add adults to council, etc. If you are tagged in Scout Book as a Key3 it is different than in My Scouting Key3.

The Unit Key 3 are the Unit Leader (e.g. CM/SM), Committee Chair, and Chartered Org Rep. Those are all registered positions, and should be the same people in both Scoutbook and my.scouting. That’s different from the Unit Admin role (Scoutbook functional position) or Key 3 Delegate (my.scouting functional role).

So here is our issue, COR is in Scouts BSA troop not or Pack. The CC is going to change end of year. The CM has no access to change anything or add committee members or change adults (Registered) to a position. I still think something is changed from previous or maybe someone is controlling the permissions for the CM?
I is a chore to get volunteers and you cannot change them to their correct position. I have tried to help the CM all year to make changes and cannot.

Only the Chartered Org Rep or COR delegate has ever had the ability to change registered positions in my.scouting, and that only comparatively recently. This is the same person/registered position who’s supposed to be signing approvals for unit adult applications. The Key 3 and Key 3 Delegates can (or at least have been able to) change functional role assignments.

If your COR isn’t showing up in my.scouting, then it sounds like there’s a different issue. Have you checked with your council registrar to find out why your COR is only associated with your troop and not your pack?

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