Position Manager - Still Listing Position As Lion Guide and Not Lion Den Leader

In 2018, the Adult Position for the leader of the Lion Den was officially changed from Lion Guide to Lion Den Leader. However, in the Position Manager tool within my.scouting, the position is still called Lion Guide. This is not a new topic (see similar post from Matt Johnson in Nov 2022), however previous posts seemed to be answered by suggesting that the original poster should… [quote=“JenniferOlinger, post:2, topic:326558”]
Please ask your local council to submit a help ticket to National.

I do not understand how the answer applied to the original question, but the position of Lion Guide, and not Lion Den Leader, is still showing in Position Manager. Perhaps I’m just not familiar with how requests for system changes to my.scouting occur, but I don’t see how this would be a situation where the local council should submit a Help Ticket to National. This seems like something that would impact all councils.
Sorry for the redundant topic, but the original thread from 2022 now appears to be closed and no additional replies are allowed.

You are correct that this would be something that impacts more than one council.

The responses are not suggesting that the council itself can fix it. Rather, the my.scouting system has a different feature request/bug reporting pathway than Scoutbook and IA2. It has to go up the chain through the council professional staff to request the fix/change be made.

There is news that all Den Leader position names are changing with the new Cub System - I would imagine it would be fixed then - or over-looked again


Thanks for the clarification of the process for changes getting made in my.scouting. I will follow up with our council pro’s. They might already be aware if the change is being made with the new Cub System, or they might be able to help request that the change does happen.

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