Lion Guide not an option

I have a Lion Guide who is registered in that position but didn’t auto create in SB. Unit says there is no option to add them. image

What am I missing

BTW MID 13933397

I thought Lion Guide was replaced by Den Leader after the program went “mainstream”.

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no Lion Guide and tiger den leader are different then den leader


Lion Guide and Lion Den Leader are both position code LL in the Registration Guidebook. In Scoutbook, I believe it is just Den Leader, which is the guidance that we got when we asked the Cub Scout program folks.

FYI, there is an issue with this. The registration code LL is set to Lion Guide in ScoutNet, but cannot sync to Scoutbook. This issue has been reported.


I was able to set her as a DL and assign her to the Lions. (unlike tiger den leader)


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