New Lion Den Leader not showing up in Scoutbook as adult leader

I am a first year Lion Den Leader and this is reflected in my profile under ‘’ however, in scoutbook it shows ‘no adult leaders are assigned to this den’. Our Cubmaster reviewed and sees my account in scoutbook as the leader. I would appreciate any advice. My BSA member number is ID140368625. It also appears as if I am not listed as a pack leader.

@BradHeare - are you looking at:
Scoutbook or the DLE at Scoutbook - Den Leader

@BradHeare A Pack Admin needs to approve your positions / roles in Scoutbook. They are not approved.


@BradHeare - that very same Cubmaster will need to approve the position.

@JenniferOlinger - The Cubmaster looked and says it’s approved and showed me on her computer that it is approved.

@Stephen_Hornak - It seems to be the same in both the DLE and just Scoutbook.

We also have our local Council shop looking, but they are also unsure. Maybe someone else can approve it?

@BradHeare this is what it should show when you look at the roster in scoutbook, then click on your name:


If your position is approved in Scoutbook, you will see the green shield with checkmark.

Try going through:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Positions

Thanks everyone. Ill talk with the cubmaster!

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