Position of Responsibility Report

I would like to produce a report that shows the scouts POR. I have tried the following and all I get is tenure in the patrol. No POR titles show up in report. Please let’s not get into a philosophical debate about whether I should be doing this or not.

  1. Troop Reports
  2. Roster Builder Manager
  3. New Roster Rpt
  4. Select the patrol(s) and / or scout(s)
  5. Select positions and its subcategory

Are the PORs approved? Are they current? Current approved PORs for my scouts show up in the Roster Builder when I select the Show Position and Position Tenure options. Past positions do not show up there, but can be found under the individual scout’s pages or their Scouts BSA history reports.

Thanks Charlie for your reply. Past POR’s are approved. Current POR’s are not as they need to be approved by SM when the tenure has been completed and the SM feels they have met the requirements of that position.

I’m don’t want to be snarky but this is one of the reasons I hate Scoutbook. Someone (and god forbid we know who that someone is) decides what we can and can not do. This isn’t the first time I’ve asked about being able to produce certain reports but someone/somewhere is deciding that I can not have those reports. Again, I don’t want to get in to a philosophical debate on what should or shouldn’t be allowed. I’d like to close this thread as I see it going nowhere.