Leadership on Roster Builder

Is there a a way to run a report to show leadership positions/time by scout? We have elections coming up and we’d like to see who still has not had a position. Thanks.

Leadership is available via Roster Builder. It is called Positions.


Oh great, thanks!!! I’ve been searching around with other options.

Ok, it only looks like current positions. So a 17yo who currently does not have a position, his positions for the last 5 years don’t show. Any way to see historical? Thanks again.

By scout, you can go to their individual Scoutbook pages and review the list, assuming it was entered in Scoutbook.

What’s the application you have for the data? If it’s something like completing Eagle applications, I think the information auto-populates from Scoutbook when you create the application from within Scoutbook.

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We have 53 scouts so I was trying to avoid going through each scouts. Our leadership elections are Monday and I wanted to see which scouts have never had a position, or needs for time for rank advancement and point out to them that they should run for a position.

I can see how that could be useful. Generally, I remind the patrol leaders to poke their scouts about what they need in terms of advancement. Sometimes that even works. :^)

Arguably, that could be tracked by creating a report in Report Builder looking at whether the leadership-relevant rank requirements have been approved in Scoutbook at each of the senior rank levels. If a scout hasn’t gotten that signed-off, it would be a good time to have a brief scoutmaster conference to talk about getting that requirement completed (which might result in them saying they do have the time, and asking for a sign-off).


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