Positions of Responsibility for Ranks only counts most recent term within a rank

In the Positions of Responsibility for Ranks summary at the top of the Leadership Positions page, if a scout has held a given leadership position more than once while working on a given rank, only the days from the most recent term are included in the totals. It should be a total of all of the times that position was held during that rank.

I think the count is just off - I have pointed it out to developers

It isn’t just the count being off.

If you were to add a position, say Scribe, for three terms during their time while a Star scout:

1st term = 200 days
2nd term = 100 days
3rd term = 50 days

Then the summary report at the top will say that they have had 50 days of leadership as a Star scout. It should say 350.

I was able to replicate the bug. It looks like the algorithm is ignoring prior instances of the same PoR within the rank when creating the summary data for display.

I tested this for my son. He has held the position of OA Rep continuously starting while a Star scout and continuing after he earned his Life rank. It correctly shows several hundred days of tenure in that PoR since earning Life (which was the greater of the time he spent as OA Rep and the overlapping time he spent as an Instructor for navigation). When I put an end date on his OA Rep position, without adding a new OA Rep position, the count remains correct.

However, once I added a new OA Rep position (starting on or after the date “previous” one ended), the displayed count of days of PoR tenure became 109 days, i.e. the sum of the time as Instructor (100 days) plus the time since the start date of the “new” OA Rep position (9 days). It was now ignoring the previous OA Rep position as though it had never existed.

I also tested adding a different PoR (i.e. neither Instructor nor OA Rep), in this case ASPL. The count became “correct” again: timeInPOR = SUM(MAX(overlappingPositions),newPosition). It looks like the bug is related specifically to ignoring multiple instances of the same PoR when in a particular rank, and only counts the most recent one.

For my testing, all PoRs are “Approved”, and I am currently both a Scoutbook Unit Admin and a Key 3 Delegate.

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