Scoutbook roster report shows wrong amount of years and months for leaders

When I run a roster report with tenure, It shows the wrong amount. For example I started the troop and have been the CC since that time. which is 13 years + the only one you have right is Luke Ensor who your input people dropped last year without any input. I would like a direct connection to a person who can help me fix all you errors. Our start date was Nov 2011.

@MichaelGaffney - the scoutbook membership tenure is not the official record of registered membership time. Just how “inaccurate” is the information ?

@MichaelGaffney your issue is this - it shows current position tenures - not total position tenure - this year you (or more likely your council) let your charter expire so all positions ended a few days ago, then were re-established, so it is just showing a few days I imagine. We will have an internal discussion, most of the issue is Scoutbook is Not the place to record memberships - that is

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You can change start dates on the positions to get it right. You can also remove end dates for the positions that ended when your charter lapsed. Just make sure you don’t end all the positions (even temporarily) or you’ll lose them off the roster.


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