Pre-existing Calendar Events can no longer be edited

None of our leaders can edit/modify/delete a calendar Event that was created prior to the latest updates. We have tried in Scoutbook and in Internet Advancement. Since our troop puts out a master calendar in advance, then edits as time gets closer, this is a big issue.
We CAN edit/adjust calendar Events created in the past day.
We would be open to deleting and re-creating the calendar Events but we can’t even do this. Please advise. Thanks!


I have passed this on to the developers.

@LesleyMorrey - these are events in the future on both calendars… how far in advance of today > I am able to edit events in both IA and scoutbook. Trying to see if I can replicate it but need to know your specifics.

As one example, we have an Event for next Saturday December 16, which was created several months ago. We can’t edit or delete the Event.
However, if we create a new event, we can edit. So, we see where you should be able to edit but that button does not exist for pre-existing events created prior to last week (not sure precisely when this occured …sometime before December 1 because that’s when we discovered our issues,)
We need to be able to open up exiting Events and edit them as we have changes, new scouts and families, etc.
Try editing something you created a couple months ago?
Is this helpful?

Are these events for multiple units, like a boy troop and girl troop? Were they created in Scoutbook or Internet Advancement? Did you try editing in both?

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Jacob, yes these events are for a pair of linked boy and girl troops where both groups are invited.
They were all created in scoutbook.
We tried editing in both scoutbook and IA.

I assume you’ve had someone try who is registered in both units? For example, I’d have the CC try, assuming that’s the same person for both.

@LesleyMorrey - I just checked my units and I can edit everything into 2025 but ours are single unit events. I can edit in IA and scoutbook… no issues

@Stephen_Hornak we can’t be the only pair of linked troops that uses Scoutbook for calendaring. What do you suggest we do with literally 7 months of calendar events that we either need to delete or edit?

@Stephen_Hornak sorry, I thought you were with the advisory council. I should have directed my question at @jacobfetzer or @edavignon. @edavignon noted he was going to pass my issue onto the development team…any word?


To edit events that are on multiple unit calendars, the editor must be a unit admin or otherwise able to edit the calendar in each unit.

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@edavignon ah ha! Now I see your point. I think when we rechartered, our admin permissions got adjusted and so some of us are admins on one troop or the other but not both. I will try that.

@LesleyMorrey - being an admin in both units is how that works

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