Troop admin, but can't delete calendar events

I’m a troop admin, but I can’t edit or delete existing events. I can create events (that I can edit and delete) but I can’t edit others’.


Are they events on more than one unit’s calendar? You have to be admin of both to edit/delete

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I am an admin for both troops. No joy.

next I would try going to each unit roster > click your name > click admin position > click update

You have to follow this path for it to work

Performed for both, No joy.

are you sure the event is ONLY on those 2 unit calendars?

For example, we have events oldie 2 troops and a pack.

How would I know if it’s on other calendars?

I had my daughter login. It doesn’t appear as though there is any indication that it is on other calendars.

It seems to be a needed, but missing, interface feature.

Could you tell based on who is invited?

or look at URL of Event and give us the EventID=XXXXXXXX - and we can check

Can we request a visual indicator? We had an issue with our Scribe not realizing this for a Scouting foe food that also included the boy troop and pack.

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