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Preferred Sort Order for Merit Badge Counselor Upload file?

Is there a perferred sort order for the Council Merit Badge Counselor upload file?
It could be sorted by MemberID from Smallest->Largest (or reverse).
Or It could be sorted by LastName, then First Name.
The downloaded mbc.csv file seems to be sorted by LastName only.

Currently I am sorting the upload file by LastName, then FirstName. But it is easy to change to MemberID if that would reduce the work on the server side and speed up processing.

Enquiring Minds Want To Know. :wink:


The sort order does not matter. When the excel macro that reformats the ScoutNet report runs, the list is sorted by BSA Member ID.

Ed, Thanks for your note.

I am not using the ScoutNet report macro. I keep the list of Counselor Badges in an Access DataBase, not on ScoutNet. I found it too difficult to manage 1500 counselors and over 8000 badges on ScoutNet.

Counselor registration information is downloaded from ScoutNet and populated into my data base. ScoutNet is my authorative source for all data, except the list of badges, and any unit associations. So that is why I am asking about the sort order. If the Excel macro sorts by the BSA Member ID, I will modify my upload table to be sorted by that as well. Currently it is sorted by LastName, FirstName. It works OK they way it is now, but if sorting it by MemberID will save some extra work on the ScoutBook end, I am glad to do that.

And BTW. I just uploaded our council list with a couple of new counselors, and discovered that not only were they added, but all of the missing Merit Badges were added too!!!
That is great! For the very first time the contents of the upload and download files match!

Thanks to the support team for taking care of this. It will make a lot of my local troops happy to see the missing badges show up on their ScoutBook record.


Just FYI,
I tried sorting the upload by BSA Member ID, and also sorting it by Last Name, First Name. Processing the file Sorted by name file was slightly faster, (~3%) but that could just have to do with work load on the system. And both files produced the same resultant MBC list.

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

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