Print Blue Cards - bad template?

When I try to print Blue Cards, the PDF that downloads looks incomplete. One whole panel is missing, dotted cutting guides are missing, some headings look like they’re missing… I just printed one that looked totally fine last week. If I try to print the exact same card for the exact same Scout, now it looks different… like not really usable. I tried to drill down to the print functionality from multiple pathways - nothing mattered. Every attempt produced the same unacceptable results. Is there a setting somewhere on the user end that changed but I can adjust?

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Are you trying to print on plain paper or the pre-printed Blue Card sheets? If you are printing on plain paper, you need to turn on the Print on Plain Paper switch on the Print Blue Card page.

I tried to select print on plain paper but the template is not fit both sides, if you cut it out from the dotted lines, it doesn’t fit the front and back portions.

Do you have scaling turned on on your print dialog window? You must print Blue cards at 100%.

Printed 2 sided they are perfect. If you print just on one side the Gutter moves from Left to Right so that is a little funny

yes, and it is already 100% and printed on both sides on the long edge

I set printed it on both sides, but it is not matching perfectly, if I cut it out into 3 portions, it is not a perfect match.

It sounds like it is scaling - I just did one and it is perfect on blank paper

I got it! I need to change to set to FIT TO PAPER instead of DEFAULT.
Thank you!

Actually even that is probably wrong as fit to paper on some systems is like 93% - you want 100%

I already set 100% in all attempts, but it doesn’t fit until I change it now. Also I set the paper size as per the indication as 8.5"x11" instead of choosing A4 paper.

Yes, the Blue Cards are formatted for 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

thank you and well noted

trying to print blue cards from council
the front of te PDF has a third panel that includes wording “information for applicant” but my blue card blanks have this pre-printed on the blue card. Is there a way to get blue card blanks without this preprinted info? is there a way to remove the third panel from the pdf?
Thank you

@jaydubowsky not sure what you are asking? “information for applicant” is one of the 3 parts of the Blue Card. You can click Print on blank paper.


It sounds like you need to turn off the Print on Blank 8.5 x 11 Paper switch on print Blue Cards or use blank card stock.

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