Bug in MB blue card printing?

Good morning, all,

I first noticed these issues last night when I was generating a blue card for a scout who had just completed Cooking MB. I’ve posted some redacted screenshots below to help explain the issue.

  • “Background” information like BSA logos and some of the reference text appears to be missing from the blue card PDF.
  • Completed blue card is showing every requirement, rather than just indicating complete. This is not necessarily a bug, per se, but seems like a change from previous behavior that I didn’t see documented.

Any thoughts on what’s going on, or did I stumble across a new “undocumented feature” as my C++ instructor called them?

Side A:

Side B:

ETA: Oops. Apparently I can’t spell. I’m exhibiting all of my engineering stereotypes this morning…


It looks like you forgot to check the Print on Blank Paper box.

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There is no bug - you are printing on the Supply Group Blue Cards - you can click print on blank paper and you see the things mentioned

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head-desk I didn’t remember having to check the extra box in the past. Maybe blank used to be the default?

Seems weird that the grid lines still print, though. I guess the printable blue cards contain the logos and some of the backgrounds, but not other stuff. Never used them before.

Thanks, y’all!

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The printable blue card forms do contain the logo and some other pre-printed information. The grid lines print because not all were manufactured on perforated stock.

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