Print merit badges produces 2 blue cards per Scout

When I was trying to print Blue Cards for six Scouts who had incomplete merit badges from Summer Camp, the .pdf file that was produced duplicated the Blue Cards so that it printed 2 cards for each Scout. This is a waste of paper, especially since we have to buy the special sheets.

Some blue cards are 2 cards for different Reqs - is that what you are seeing?

I think I figured out the problem. When printing Blue Cards, Scoutbook includes every sub-part of each requirement even if the Scout completed all of the sub-parts and, thus, the requirement, If a merit badge has more than 19 requirements and sub-parts (which is the maximum that can fit on a Blue Card) then it generates multiple Blue Cards for that Scout and merit badge.

Most merit badge counselors I know, only note that a Scout has completed the requirement, and don’t list the sub-parts when filling out a manual Blue Card. If Scoutbook is going to continue to report each sub-part completed, then I suggest that BSA needs to design a Scoutbook Blue Card so that it prints on an 8 x 11 sheet of paper rather than the traditional little card.

Mr. McNeal: That is correct. It is also interesting that it doesn’t print the requirements and sub-parts that have not been completed, only the completed ones. When you have a merit badge that is worked on at summer camp with a lot of requirements and sub-parts, such as Canoeing, there is no space left on the card(s) for the MBC to add sub-parts that are completed when the Scout returns to his/her unit. Very few of our MBC will post completions directly to Scoutbook and instead prefer that the Scout have the traditional card.

This is working as designed. SB only prints incomplete reqs on a Blue Card if all reqs fit on a single card. For a complete MB, no reqs are printed as they are no longer required.

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