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Roster Builder isn't working

The old “Print Roster” was perfect for priting a list of Scouts and parents, for check-in at our events. We have a pack meeting tonight, I went to print the roster, and found this new things that doesn’t even work. Either the PDF is empty except for the organization info header, or if I check the “Scouts” box, it lists a ton of info for each one that shouldn’t be printed out (addresses, phone numbers, birthdays – even though those boxes are UNchecked in the Roster Builder). 8 pages long instead of 1.

So much for having a simple list we can use at events for attendance… back to Excel… could you at least not break things when you add new features?


Is is mis-functioning and it has been reported - but if you go in and use these settings you should get what you want


Works fine when I try it. Select “Scouts” and click on the little “>” next to it, and unselect the options you don’t want to see. Here’s what I get with these options…

I used the selections here and it listed scouts and BSA ID:

The new Roster Builder needs lots of work!!

I agree with Curran! It needs lots of work and is more difficult now. Very frustrating!

Thanks for the tips, but I don’t see the same checkboxes you do.

@Curran - hummm. how about clicking on the down arrow by scouts in settings.

Oh – I see the little caret. So check the box “with options below”, and then you HAVE to check something else (e.g. Den) or you still get an empty report. Still no way to just print their names; still 4 sheets of paper instead of 1. I liked the old format with the parents’ names next to them, but maybe it’ll be improved.

Thanks again for the quick responses.

@Curran - alrighty then… I just tried this with my units only selecting scouts and with options below and I get a report with scouts names.

That "Scouts with options " is being removed I think - I told DEV if I select a Scout on Left I don’t need to do it again on right

The Scouts print properly, but NONE of the adult names are displayed when I build a roster with leaders. It looks like there’s a bug in the reporting for adults only that is not pulling the Name and BSA ID (notice how the address is in the Name-BSA Number column). The data is shifted to the left and doesn’t line up with the correct column. HELP!


The developers have been notified

Adult names are fixed, along with several others, plus some suggestions were implemented.

I need a report with the scout’s name, his parents/family members who are connected with him, and their email addresses and phone numbers. Anyone know how I can get this? Thanks!

You should be able to do this using Roster Builder:

ETA: I realized you asked for family members, too. I’m not aware of a way to show the non-Parent/Guardian connections.

Thank you! Those darn carrots get me every time!

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I agree with original poster… the old Print Roster function allowed me to get a clean table with each scout and their parent’s contact all on the same row.
The new Print Roster, has a few more features but results in a format that is not ideal.
Is there a way we can have the old feature back as well?

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The limit of two Parents/Guardians has been removed because we got requests to list all Parents/Guardians. Because of that, report width would be unpredictable to list them on a single row and PDFs would be affected. Hence the more vertical listing of Parents/Guardians. The CSV export will do it for you in a single row. (There is an update coming very soon to fix some CSV issues).

The latest update to Roster Builder Designer and Roster Builder Report are now available, including the CSV export.