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Scout Age Report for Tenting

I know the Report builder you can output the DOB for Scouts. Is there a report or quick way to generate whom can tent with each other based on the age requirements?

Was able to dump into CSV and then in Excel compare the number of days between them in a table. Am not super proficient in Excel and was a little cumbersome to setup even with under 15 Scouts.

Normally we don’t have an issue during the campouts but can delay some when we are doing math and comparing dates with newer Scouts.

I was assuming “no more than 2 years apart” meant 365 x 2 but if it really means (365 x 3) - 1 I can adjust my table highlighting.

That seems like the sort of thing that would need to be run based on the date of the event, rather than today(). For example, if the two years is counted “to the day”, then there’s an argument that the applicable day is the last night of the event. That could make it difficult to mechanize in Scoutbook without adding a variable date field as part of the report (similar to the OA eligibility report). I’m not arguing it’s not possible (it obviously is), I’m just wondering how valuable it is to the BSA and units to split the hair that finely.

I understand your point but that is if you are just comparing current age which could vary the difference with “rounding”.

If you are comparing birthdate difference that doesn’t change between campouts.

I am not set with either way but looking at figuring something out to double check.

To clarify I am not using Today but the Excel function DateDif comparing birthdays between Scouts

I see no need for a report like this - I tell Camp SPL get tent buddies and remember the 2 year rule. We have never had an issue


Its probably more for encouraging our younger Scouts to attend campout as with scout attrition there aren’t as many at our younger end of the spectrum and would prefer younger Scout not tent alone.

I don’t worry about birth dates. If I am unsure about a pair of Scouts, I just ask them how old they are. If they are, for example, 12 and 14, they may share a tent, 12 and 15 may not.

I agree with @DonovanMcNeil, this is a problem for the Scouts to solve.

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It is that simple. Don’t make it harder than that.

Thanks for all of the input. While I do personally agree with most of the responses, if BSA is worried about this part of YPT, something easy to develop report should be made available for leader verification. Ultimately if stuff hits the fan (which I hope won’t ever) its not going to be the Scouts answering if rules were not followed. Unfortunately that is the litigious society we live in today with all of the youth violations that have occured but in Scouting and other organizations in the past.

Do you have a source for this interpretation?

There is no source as I stated it was an assumption based on what is stated in GSS.


• Youth sharing tents must be no more than two years apart in age.

Source GSS PDF - https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34416.pdf - Page 2

2 years + n days is more than 2 years.
If they wanted to allow 2 years + 364 days, wouldn’t they would have stated under 3 years?

Similarly once a Scout reaches 18 years old + 0 Days they are considered an adult not a Scout anymore.

OK, I misunderstood the point of your comment. I agree that 2 years is 365 x 2. No more or less (except in leap year). To think that two scouts are safe to tent together for a portion of the year and unsafe to tent together the rest of the year makes no sense to me.

I also agree that the adults have a responsibility to oversee that the youth are assigning tentmates properly. That said, I’m not sure that an n x n matrix would be manageable.

I disagree. If they wanted it to be read in days, hours, etc they would have said so. It is no more than 2 years. ANY 11 yo can tent with any 12 or 13 yo, but not 14-17. We do not need a days between dates calculator on campouts. Yes, this is something a PL and SPL can manage with proper adult oversight.

Please, do not read more into the rules than what is stated.

I’m actually taking the simplest, commonly accepted definition of a year being 365 days. Not a year being sometimes 365 and sometimes 729.

I will reiterate that it makes no sense to me that it’d be fine for scouts who are 2 years and 11 months apart to tent together one month out of every year, and it’s unsafe the other eleven months out of every year.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what I think. It matters what the lawyers, judges, and juries think, starting with the BSA lawyers. I’ve not heard of the BSA YP gurus clarifying this anywhere, but that’d be a good place to start. Also, if your Council SE has provided guidance on this, you can feel comfortable proceeding in your council, but other councils may provide different guidance.

it is 365 X 2 - I have verbally checked this

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A hard rule of 365x2 also makes no sense. This means a Scout born on 1/1/2004 can tent with a Scout born on 1/1/2006 but not one born on 1/2/2006. Some common sense needs to be put into this.

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@edavignon you have to remember - this is BSA Legal

You have to draw the line somewhere. There will always be some combination that is just one day away.

What that interpretation is saying is that Scouts can’t be more than 729 days apart. That is not what the rule says.

Two 17 year olds can tent together until one runs 18. Same thing. It is years, not days.

Correct once someone is 18 they are no longer a Scout and shouldnt be shown as one in any active youth based list. Scout classification check would a requirement before the age difference checking using either days or years.