Printing blue cards with only one option

I have no problem printing ONE blue card per scout, but if they have 4 completed MB’s and I invoke the Filter Search in the “Print MB” screen, even though I allow a 6 month window for the search, I only get the one/same MB show up as a result.(the others were completed in the same time period) And then I am to pick the MB I want to print. Unfortunately, I have only one to chose.
Is the search engine working?

I do not understand what you are selecting - can you post a screenshot of what is on screen

the page to print blue cards has a filter to include what cards you want to print based on dates of completion.
Other MB’s done in a few days time do not seem to show up in the filter, even though I gave a berth of a few months

@LeszekBalla - and i gather you clicked on update filter

several times i tried, and reloaded too

What happens if you use a blank start date?

I just tried it on your suggestion.
Same one MB only

I’m confused. Aren’t you filtering to limit the merit badges to Traffic Safety?

Doesn’t that, by definition, always resolve to at most a single merit badge for any given scout?

Wouldn’t you want all scouts all badges (snapshot below), or one scout all badges?

ETA: …or potentially all scouts one (e.g. Traffic Safety) merit badge? You would need some combination of filters that could resolve to more than one badge to get more than one.


@CharleyHamilton yep

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let me try that and see
This seems to make sense.

Hey, Fantastic.
I had the problem of the duplex printer lining up both sides to solve after that
but now all is fine!

THANK YOU for your assistance!


@LeszekBalla - glad that worked.

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