Probably two parent profiles

Hello. When adding a parent to their older Scout in a troop, I was unable to find their existing profile connected to their younger Scout in a pack. I created a new one and got a message that the email address was already connected to another profile. Would you take a look at that and merge profiles, if needed? The kids are 1 girl in a troop and 1 boy in a pack. The parent can only see the troop Scout when he logs in.

Parent BSA ID: 140481534
Girl in troop ID: 14415295

This is fixed @Scott_Hall

Thank you, @DonovanMcNeil. The parent confirms fix.

One thing I forgot to include is the parent thinks they took YPT before on the older profile. MyScouting shows that YPT has not been taken. Would your fix have merged training, too?

@Scott_Hall Ask the parent to please log on to his account at my.scouting and double-check his mailing address.

His training should be copied onto his primary BSA member ID number within 24 hours.

Can I get this Adult Scoutbook accounts merged?

This adult is showing with two SB numbers on Scoutbook.
12190520 (keep this one, as shows BSA no.) and the duplicate SBA no. 13009740

Thank you.

@CrystalDurette that is fixed

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