Problems updating or deleting past Activities

I’m reviewing past entries in Internet Advancement and I can’t modify/delete/update older Activities. It appears activities exist multiple times each with a different boy. And, I cannot update or remove any of them. It also appears some data maybe missing. These look to be converted records when this functionality was migrated from Scoutbook to IA. Is there anything I can do? Also, is there any past record what was in Scoutbook prior to the migration?

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Not at this time. There have been numerous requests to be able to edit past events that were imported from Scoutbook to the IA2 log system. The BSA has not indicated when such editing of migrated logs would be implemented, assuming it is.

Unit Admins can look under My Dashboard → My Units → Export/Backup

for the legacy activity logs. This is supposed to be the state of the logs at the time of export to IA2.

Thank you… I really appreciate the Legacy Backup tip!!!

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In lieu of not having a delete function for migrated activities, can a service request be opened for the support / development team to manually delete records?

I have a couple of boys whose records are incorrect due to family camping or hiking activities were recorded.


The Camping/Hiking/Service Log (just like the last pages of the Handbook) are a personal Log. The Scout needs to justify the use of the Log for a given requirement; so the logs with personal camping are not incorrect.

The only problem is that the OA eligibility report uses any short-term/long-term camping nights in the logs, so non-BSA camping in the logs can make that more complicated to assess.

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Well that will be mute in 1 year as OA Camping is the last 2 years - and as COVID has modified those requirements it is less of a concern. The report only considers APPROVED Logs.


The issue, at this time, is that imported Scoutbook entries were auto-approved.

I get your point that come May/June 2021, personal camping trips reported in 2019 will timeout. Will just have to wait.

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