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Can't save edited Activities

I found when doing a Scoutmaster review a number of mistakes in past activity listings. I tried to edit them, but it won’t let me save the changes? Any ideas or work arounds?
Edit and Finish is greyed out at the bottom.

Are you talking service/hiking/camping logs? Were these entries that were made in Scoutbook before the logs moved to Internet Advancement?

Hi Jacob,

Yes. Probably. It seems like the times for events got messed up as they moved to internet advancement and two summer camp trips are listed in the same year 2019, when one should be 2018.

Thanks for trying to help,


There is a known issue with not being able to edit events that were migrated from scoutbook to IA.

So is someone actually working to fix this? or are we just accepting that it doesn’t work?

It’s been reported to the developers. Unfortunately, they don’t always tell us their priorities. So, I can’t say when it will be fixed.

Why did they change the activity logs to go to IA? I have all my stuff on scoutbook.


Over the years, there have been requests to enhance the logs. Due to the way Scoutbook architected logs, it was not feasible to add the enhancements there. The log system in Internet Advancement has been architected to be easily expandable. There are some log enhancements in the backlog.

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