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Editing Camping Logs from Legacy Version

I am needing to edit camping logs for several scouts which were entered in the legacy version back in June of 2019. For some reason I am unable to edit them.

Please advise.


Those were imported over and “read only”.

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Thanks Matt. Can those be deleted from the record and then added again?
Thanks for your help!

At this time, logs entered prior to the change over to the new logs in IA2 are still not editable/removable. I know that there is a request to add both abilities somewhere in the backlog, but we won’t know when it’s coming until BSA IT informs SUAC that it has been implemented.

No. Read only. No changes. I assume/hope any mistakes are not large enough to be of an issue 2 years later in my own unit!

Got it. I will simply add a new file to increase the days. In my attempts to keep things organized for the Camping MB I didn’t realize that I was impacting the OA eligibility report.


Also, what was the effective date of the new system?

It was updated in May of last year.

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