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It would be great if parents could enable if they want their kids pictures visible to the pack/troop without having to setup a connection. This is to help other parents learn kids names and faces.

Sharing of personal pictures of children require special permissions in many states and countries. I am not sure how this would be handled legally. The parent only has to login once and upload the picture. That really does seem to me to be the best method to get a photo in SB.


Photo and talent releases

@JoeMo There are legal situations where the location of non-adults (and perhaps a parent or guardian) need to be protected. Laws, rules and regulations change periodically.

A unit belongs to a chartered organization. I recommend checking with your chartered organization to see what their rules pertaining to images are and what they require in the way of releases.

Also check with your council to see what they require.

BSA® guides and related forms:


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I think I may have not been clear. I would like an option for me, being the parent, to allow the picture of my child to be visible to the other members, both parents, leaders, without have to make the one to one connections. Right now, I have a picture uploaded for my son but no one except the leaders can see it. If I make a connection between my son and another adult in the pack, the picture is visible. Both your replies are not really pertinent to what I am asking for but I under your comments for other scenarios.

The is no way to achieve this with the current system.

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Maybe your unit should create a facebook page open only to members of your unit?

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We have one of those. You are missing my point. Maybe a picture will help. When you look at the pack roster on scout book this is what you see unless you

We could ask every parent to make connections so pictures show but it would easier to allow the parent to choose what privacy level they want for themselves and their child.

@JoeMo here is what you do not understand. Your pack leadership has decided to not make connections - it is up to them, not the parents. If you want a change talk to the Cubmaster.

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The policy the BSA has set for Scoutbook is that without being connected with View Profile, adults will only see the Scouts first name and last initial. This is to protect the Scout’s privacy. The unit has full control of who to give View Profile access to the youth members.

Scoutbook will not be updated to show the pictures to those without View profile connections or above without a policy change. If you feel strongly about this you will need to work through your local council to encourage the BSA to make the change.

My feeling is that the BSA will not be receptive to such a change as I believe we will be seeing more strict youth protection policies in the near future, not less.

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Also, even if a parent uploads a photo, I’m not sure it will show unless they also set the Talent Release slider in the scout’s profile:

Talent Release is near the very bottom of the page in:

Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Family → Scout’s Name → Edit Profile

@CharleyHamilton that has no effect

Ah. That’s what I get for reading the tooltips: confused. :^)

It tells the unit - we are NOT programming SB to visually identify every scout in every picture and exclude them if uploaded - LOL

I had assumed it only applied to the profile photo (e.g. parent wants non-family members to be able to see their scout’s smiling face), but not to anything else. Shoulda checked more than one of the scouts in my unit who has a photo to see how the toggle was set. The one I checked was toggled on, so it engaged my confirmation bias. :^)

re: informing the unit, it seems like that’s (part of) what the Part A of the AHMR is for…


but since we’re only offering support for the software through these groups…

I think that Joe has a reasonable ask that is being lost. The Scoutbook app already allows parents to connect with others. It requires the parents to extend a connection on a one by one basis. This is a tedious process, especially if you have a larger den. It seems that if a parent can select multiple individuals or even their entire den at once it would be more efficient. The ask doesn’t appear to conflict with any local or state laws since the ability to connect already exists. It’s more a request to make it easier to connect.

As Donovan said, the unit leaders can connect all parents to Scouts in the unit with View Profile by using Connection Manager or the Permissions by Position function of the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Giving parents access to Connection Manager or other methods to allow bulk changes in connections would be a significant change which will not be given high priority.

It would be much faster to ask the unit leaders to connect the parents to the Scouts.

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I appreciate all the feedback but I would to restate my feature request…

Give the users the ability to set the visible of their own or their child profile pictures with their connected units without the need to setup a “connection”.

No further responses needed. Just leaving this here for the software developers.

The software developers will not see it, they do not monitor the forums.

There is no way the BSA will permit this change without a corresponding policy change to allow anything except the first name and last initial unless connected with View Profile. The only way that policy change will be considered is if councils request it.


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