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Progress from app not transferring correctly

When I enter the information on the Scouting App (the red app that is downloaded from Play) it shows up on the website but the information is not transferring to percentage completion. If I click on just one of the completed activities and re-save the information then all of the information will suddenly be counted. This also happened for Awards (Nova).

This is before and after the info is pulled up in a Pack Report and marked approved by leader (I’m a leader and a parent so I know to go in and check for my kids’ progress but other parents may decide to start using Scoutbook and I’m not going to know to go in and look for all the missing progress).


it is just the way percent works on SB - once you touch the item again it will update (touch as in change something on it not just open it)

Is this something that will be changed in the future so I don’t have to have parents go through and also message me every time they are adding something through the app?

I doubt this will ever be fixed in the current Scoutbook system - but once you do a quick entry, or individual advancement the % will jump forward. Pretty major change to fix it

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