Issue with the Scouting app

Parent using the Scouting application. Goes in to see what the partial items that the scout needs to work on. Corrupts Scout Book. In Scout Book, shows the advancement is complete and posts the date the parent used the Scouting app.
Example while sitting with parent.
Parent opens the Scouting app and goes to advancement. As admin, I open Scout Book and open advancement for the scout. Scout Book shows the rank as 44% complete. Parent opens the scout advancement file and sees the scout is 44% complete. Clicks on the Scout rank to see what needs to be completed; instantly moved the scout rank to 100% complete in both Scouting and Scout Book yet the parent has done nothing but look at what needs to be completed.

It sounds like the parent marked it complete - not just opened it. That is not a bug that is how it is designed

What rank did you see this on?

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