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Who do I contact to get help with Youth Protection? I started it and can not progress because the screen will not get large enough or move so I can click on the link I need to do to progress. I am also disappointed that I can not make the screen bigger. I have tried everything I can think of, is there a trick? Thanks in advance.

Are you on a computer or mobile device?

Use Google Chrome browser

I was on a computer, using google chrome. I finally got it to work however, I never could see the captions or the title’s of the people who were talking, and I worry if I struggled others will as well. I could not enlarge my screen or scroll up or down. It would have been nice to see the professional’s information. I hope that they can make some changes and fix that. Not being able to see the titles does take away from the training and those that need the close captioning will not get the benefits of this training. The professionals title’s should be able to be seen, as BSA has chosen some very wise professionals. Of all the youth protection training (I have had to take more than most due to my chosen profession) I have had to take, this latest version from BSA is pretty good. I would hate that the format would take away from it.

@AlyssaSchaefbauer - the issue could very well be related to scale factor. You can check the scale in display properties in windows or 11 and if it is over 100% I suggest bringing it down to 100. Additionally scale can come into play with the zoom in chrome.

This problem has been included in at least 3 other discussions going back at least 3 months. It is a problem with the source rendering engine, not your browser scaling or anything else. It’s about time for the people that produce the module to make the necessary corrections.


@PeterTownsend - I would agree that the training modules should be built to dynamically adjust and that would be all of the online training. I was noting a method to get past the issue and not supporting their respective design.

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@RonaldBlaisdell Is this on the work list for the training people to fix?

It has been reported. Sorry, I don’t have insight into their work list.


I’ll settle for reported! Thanks!

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