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Purchase Order creation is duplicating items

I am having an issue with the purchase order tool doubling quantities.
86 Items are on my “Needs Purchasing List” but when I create the PO, it turns into 175 items.

No scouts are listed twice. It just took the Qty of items needed and either doubled them (2x) or for three items, takes the Qty and turns it into (2x +1).
ie: I need 11 Scout Rank Emblems, it turned this into 23
I need 7 salesmanship MBs, it turned this into 15

The “Advancement Report”, “Needs Awarding” and “Needs Purchasing” pages all look correct. The problem occurs when I create a PO and when I go to print the Green Cards (pocket certificates) to accompany the badges. These items are all doubled in there as well and will lead to me wasting a ton of the cards.
I’ve tried deleting the PO and making a new one several times. The same issue happens.

My scoutmaster needs this report for our Court of Honor ASAP. We were planning on going up to the scout store tomorrow morning. I can make do by manually making the purchase order if I need to (and if the scout store will allow this). I really don’t want to hand write 86 pocket cards for merit badges though.

When I look at the generated PO in CSV format, I see that every item is duplicated because it lists the scout in their patrol; then has a duplicate of that scout/item listed without the patrol.
The three items that weren’t just doubled, but tripled had the scout/item listed three times: once in their current patrol, once in no patrol, and a final time in an incorrect patrol. I checked these scouts and my roster and the patrol info is correct now but it’s duplicating the items if they’ve previously been in a different patrol.

I can send you the CSV file that ScoutBook outputs if it helps with troubleshooting.
Thanks for your help

The developers are aware and working to correct this ASAP.

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I am having the same problem. Help!
Any work arounds while waiting?

Thank you in advance!

If you don’t group by den/patrol, you at least have the right scouts listed and can easily determine where your counts are off.

It has been 3 days since this was reported. I waited in hopes this would be resolved by now, but it looks to still be duplicating today. I have to print our cards today for a COH tomorrow. Will this be resolved today, or do I just print and have a bunch of duplicates to throw away?
Any word or eta on when it will be fixed?


It will not be resolved today

Any progress on this that anyone is aware of?

The developers are still working on it.

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