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Duplicate awards ordered for entire pack

A week or so ago, I noticed all of my cub scouts were duplicated in scoutbook and placed in “Scouts not in a Den”. I figured it was temporary and related to recharter. Sure enough, the ones that did not recharter disappeared from the roster and the duplicate scouts were removed. All looked OK.

I then needed to order awards, so generated a PO and advancement form as usual. The awards arrived today and were all duplicated! The advancement form shows the correct number of scouts and awards, but the PO shows all of the awards also being given to scouts in the “Not in a Den”. I did not notice that when we sent the forms to the scout shop.

Hopefully the shop will take the duplicate awards back!

Below is a small part of the PO - the yellow highlight is the same scout. All scouts and awards were duplicated in the unassigned den.

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