Purchase Order is Double Counting some Scouts

I created a purchase order by adding 11 awards. When I went to the PO, it said I needed to purchase 16 items. I clicked the “organize by den” button and it thinks that some of the scouts are in multiple dens so it’s counting them twice. I checked their memberships though, and they only have 1 currently active den. Some of the ones listed are past den memberships but they all have end dates in the past. The PO is now not helpful because it isn’t listing the right quantities that I need to purchase.

do they have open Denner Leadership positions?

All the dens have den leaders. Is that what you mean?

Denner is a Youth leadership position in Packs - it CAN make them appear twice if it is an open position in an old den perhaps

No, none of them have had that position. One of the is a tiger and the others are Webelos.

So, it’s only the scouts who had a past membership in another den that are getting duplicated? And all the scout’s without a past membership are fine?

No, some of the scouts with past memberships are fine. We have 7 Webelos scouts that are on the PO that have previous memberships in one or more dens of lower ranks and their awards aren’t duplicated. There are 4 scouts that are showing incorrectly.

  • We have a wolf (I was incorrect when I said tiger) that has two previous den memberships (one from being a Tiger and the one from not being in a den from when they joined the pack and scoutbook just put them in the pack). This scouts award on the PO is showing up under the wolf den and also the initial unassigned den. The unassigned den is no longer active. I also tried to delete that membership but the delete option isn’t there.

  • One scout is showing up under 3 dens. One of the three dens doesn’t even show up under past memberships for that scout. The other incorrect den is a den that shows up under past memberships but isn’t a den this scout would have ever been in so I don’t even know how that got added to the scout. It’s a girl’s den and the scout is one of the boys and so he would have never been in that den.

  • Another on of the scouts is also showing up in the girl’s den but would never have been in that den either. They do have it in past memberships but I don’t know how. The dates for this scout are confusing too because the girl’s den is for Wolf but the dates are the year prior to this scout even being a wolf.

  • The last scout has 2 past memberships and only one of them is being counted twice. This scout is like the Wolf scout in that the duplicate award is the the unassigned den from when the scout was added to scoutbook.

The one thing that I notice is if the past den has the exact same number it doesn’t show up. However, if it doesn’t have a number (like the unassigned den) or has a different number, it shows up. I don’t know why an inactive membership would show up though.

That makes sense. The advance den feature doesn’t create a unique den number. We are thinking that a bug fix last night created a new bug.

We used the merit badge purchase order report to then make the pdf to print our merit badge cards. The report tripled and quadrupled the number of cards that the scout earned. Can it be fixed. We just spent money on the special cards and they all printed WRONG. We have 203 merit badges, awards and ranks to do.

The developers have been made aware of the issue and are working to correct it.

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I am having the same issue with the purchase order tool doubling quantities.
86 Items are on my “Needs Purchasing List” but when I create the PO, it turns into 175 items.

No scouts are listed twice. It just took the Qty of items needed and either doubled them (2x) or even more strangely, takes the Qty and turns it into (2x +1).
ie: I need 11 Scout Rank Emblems, it turned this into 23
I need 7 salesmanship MBs, it turned this into 15

The “Advancement Report”, “Needs Awarding” and “Needs Purchasing” pages all look correct. The problem only occurs when I create a PO.
I’ve tried deleting the PO and making a new one several times. The same issue happens.
When I go to print the Green Cards (pocket certificates), these items are all doubled in there as well and will lead to me wasting a ton of the cards.

My scoutmaster needs this report for our Court of Honor ASAP. We were planning on going up to the scout store tomorrow morning. I can make do by manually making the purchase order if I need to (and if the scout store will allow this). I really don’t want to hand write 86 pocket cards for merit badges though.

We are in the same boat. I have not heard back from anyone at Scoutbook.

This is affecting all units. The developers are working on a fix but I doubt it will be ready in time for your Court of Honor tomorrow night.

Court of Honor is on the 10th Of October. I needed the correct PO to go and pick up the badges tomorrow morning but I was able to fix the PO created in ScoutBook manually and print out a usable list.

What I still need is the tool for printing green cards (pocket certificates) but that can wait a few days if necessary.
Happy to hear the devs are working on it.

They’re definitely aware; it popped up a banner mentioning this before turning my 50 items into 175. :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed for speedy repair.

If it provides a clue, I have my only instance of a duplicate item comes from a scout who has a youth membership entry from the akela sync. That membership is 0 days as I moved the scout to his den when it first appeared.

How did you fix the PO? I also need to run my pocket certifications and if I could fix the PO, I am sure it would generate a correct report for printing these cards…

I also saw that banner but today it is gone and the problem still persists. Do the developers monitor the chats and can they give us an estimated time for the fix?

The developers do not monitor the forums. They are working to get the fix released as soon as possible but a fix will not be released during the weekend.

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