Delete Item from Purchase Order Not working

Last week I was able to delete an item from a PO which was fantastic!
This monring I tried to use that function again - for a different issue and it didnt work.
We use the PO and Advancement reports to help with our accounting and budgeting for awards costs. Being able to “undo oops” moments helps - usually because they get added to a different PO.

@LianneRutty it just worked fine for me - what was your process to use it? What steps?

hi DonovanMcNeil,
I added some items to the open PO for awards needed for this weekend’s presentation.
Saw the error, and clicked delete items from Purchase Order, SB gave me the " Whoops! We encountered an error trying to process your request. Our webmaster has been notified and will fix it ASAP! "error, we’ve let the I tried 3 times this morning and I just tried again a few minutes ago.

these POs have been a useful tool for us when we record how much is spent on awards and budget planning for the next year - for us accuracy is important.

I thought it only showed for closed ones? Will have to test that

How big is the PO - I just used delete on one with 124 items - but it did take a while to load

It was 45 items - I finally gave up, canceled it and made a new one. But, since there is a click box that offers the option - the support folks should double check its working properly or remove it/gray it out so others don’t try to get the function to work.

Yeah I have tested several ways - I got 250 on one and it seemed to fail but came back 10 minutes later and it had loaded - I have informed developers it needs work

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