Question about Eagle Project Entry and Service Hours Recording

Like the new Eagle Project data entry option in IA2 since the former JTE service hours site was shutdown.
Except from the change announcement: Other youth can be added to Eagle service projects hours as participants and it is clear which youth the Eagle project belongs too. Eagle Scouts report the aggregate (which they are keeping track of). Scouts can report their individual assistance in the activity record. When it asks the individual if this service is part of an Eagle Scout project, and they answer yes. It ensures the hours are not double counted in reporting.

Question: First sentence implies there is some means for Other Youth to record their service hours again another Scout’s project. When a scout or leader enters new service hours as an activity and indicates in support of an eagle project, there is no option to indicate which Eagle Scout project – correct? If a Scout enters service hours for approval, it’s helpful if identify which scout’s project in the activity name or description.

Question: In IA2, how are other unit leaders/advancement chairs recording the Eagle Scouts direct service hours for their Eagle project? Are you not recording those hours in IA2? When you create an activity and indicate it is for an Eagle Project, there is only selectable option for type: “Assisted someone else’s Eagle Project”.

Bug Report ?? When entering non-BSA adults or youth, the form multiplies the number of adult/youth by the hours entered. All non-BSA persons do not work the same # of hours, thus multiplying the entries inflates the total (shown at top of the activity entry form). Either we enter the correct number of non-BSA persons involved, or the correct number of hours, or have to fudge the hours to make total hours correct.


For Question #1: Correct, there is no option to indicate which Eagle Scout project, just that it was in assistance of an Eagle project, to avoid double counting of hours that the Eagle will be logging on their own. The project location and description and name should be enough for an approver to determine if the service was indeed legitimate.

For Question #2: Life Scouts are able to record the aggregate amount of service on their profile by clicking the Eagle Project on their profile. Leaders are able to do the same for Life Scouts as they see the Eagle Project box in the right corner of a Life Scout’s profile.

The system is not multiplying the hours for non-bsa adults or youth. It is just taking the count and aggregate hours in that section.

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For question #1, we’ve been adding the Life Scout’s name in the Eagle project work activity to help keep track.

For question #2. Understand, and have already used the new feature for 2 Life Scouts recently completing their projects. The new feature works well for district and council to get reports of the total hours worked on a project via the new Eagle project entry form. However, my question/concern is how best to track “the Life Scout’s” direct service hours.
With the new Eagle project feature, only the TOTAL hours worked for a project are recorded and reported on a Scout’s activity logs. The new feature in IA2 does not extract and report “the Life Scout’s” direct hours. Which I’m sure many troops tally ahead of each Court of Honor. For example, an Eagle Project takes 175 hrs total. Other adults and Scouts work 100 hrs of this and are recorded over several activities in IA2. In CoH prep, a Troop Admin runs activity reports and has no direct or easy way to extract the Life Scout’s direct hours worked – instead the Troop Admin must have access to the Life Scouts Eagle project report, or manually calculate total project hours - sum (all other person hours on the project).

Suggestion: It would be most helpful to Troop Admins/Leaders, if the new Eagle Scout feature included a data field to specifically record only the Life Scout’s service contribution – and reported this under a Scout’s service activity report (in addition to the total Eagle Project hours)

Also, regarding my bug report. If you go into IA2, create a service activity, add “1” non-registered adult and 10 hrs of service, then look at the top of the entry form – it will say “10 total service hours to be recorded”. If go back down to bottom of the form and increment the non-registered adults to “2”, then look at top of the entry form – it will now say “20 total service hours to be recorded”. Thus either the entry is recording a MULTIPLE of non-registered adtuls and their hours – OR – the “total service hours to be recorded” at top of the form is a miscalculation. I am having to set the non-registered adults quantity to 1 in order to get the correct “total” balance of total hours.

Ok, I have added your suggestion regarding just specific hours for Life Scouts. It will be awhile before we get to it because we are migrating Scoutbook to IA, but we won’t lose track of the suggestion.

I see the bug now. Will work on getting that fixed. Thank you for your feedback!

Thank You look forward to the extra data field.

For service hours recorded in support of an Eagle project, how important is the quantity of non-registered adults? Wondering if we need to go back and correct after the bug fix is made.