Cross Unit Service Hour Reporting

Right now, in service hour reporting, if a project (for the sake of this example let’s use an Eagle Project) uses resources from multiple units (troops) there is a high likelihood that service hours will be double counted.

Scenario -
Eagle Project by Scout from Troop 1
Each participant works 8 hours
10 registered adult leaders and scouts from troop 1
1 registered scout from Troop 2
In IA Troop 1 calls the Project “John Smith Eagle Project”

In our current systems, no one from Troop 1 can record the hours for the scout from Troop 2. However, for accurate accounting of hours, the scout from Troop 2’s hours is recorded as an unregistered youth.

That scout (who wants to be recognized for their service hours) also reports their hours in their own troop’s system. We now have an overall over reporting of 8 hours when reporting up to state and U.S. (this is issue was someone touched on here - Question about Eagle Project Entry and Service Hours Recording.

My suggestion is to add the following to the activity logs -
A section for scouts and leaders that are registered in other units (collecting their Council and BSA IDs so the hours are reflected in their individual record but not double counted).

The system does not add hours for service projects recorded as associated with an Eagle Service Project to the total hours for Council/BSA.


@edavignon ok, say the service project is not an Eagle Service Project. The issue with how to record the service for the scout in the other unit is still there.

Each Scout’s unit should record their own hours.

This, while it can be annoying, is the only option. I’ve had to do this for District service projects. The others section gives the total hours on the project. This is useful to a unit tracking for JTE. But any wanting credit individually, they must enter for themselves. It is not really double counting.

It would be a nice design feature if it allowed for other youth and adults within the same chartering organization. But I don’t foresee such a feature anytime soon, as I can’t see a way around the limitation of the volunteer making the entry only having access to the youth in their own unit.