When should the Eagle project be entered in IA?

Should the Eagle Project be entered only after project completion? It seems that’s the case, because end date is a required field.

But that also means that the service hours of other scouts, scouters and non-scouting helpers can’t be recorded against the Eagle Project until after the project has been completed, rather than adding them as they happen. The reason I ask is that there will likely be 4-5 workdays per the scout’s project plan spread out over 2-3 months just due to the lack of available weekends.

I just want to make sure my understanding is correct. Is it accurate or am I missing something?


Eagle project is entered when the Eagle Project Report is done by the Scout - as all the data to enter is in the report - ask your council for more information

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@DonovanMcNeil thank you.

There was just a discussion related to this in Advancement News, I think.

@CharleyHamilton thank you

There are 2 different purposes:

The Eagle Scout candidate tracks his or her own project hours, and the total hours are reported at the end of the project. This report does not ask for names of all of the people who participated.

However, if the troop, Scouts / adults in the troop are also participating, then you can separately report these service hours as you go along under the category of “Assisted someone else’s Eagle Project”. This is helpful for Scout rank requirements, other awards, and JTE purposes. There will likely be some double-counting of service hours.

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