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Questions on the March 1 Adult leader update

True, setting up chairs is not the same as handling the Pack Finances as the Treasurer or being a Den Leader or ADL. All of those resources in our pack are paid and trained adults. This dad sets up chairs and also helps take meeting attendance for his son’s Den meetings so the DL can be fully focused on the 12 scouts running around the giant field at the church. He is not the second registered adult present per requirement (we already have that covered). He is a parent that hangs out and waits so he doesn’t have to drive twice. He has two jobs in the unit, mark den kids present and set up chairs. One of those tasks requires Scoutbook access given the current design, which is why I proposed a different level of access that does not include PII access in my previous note. If the expectation is for him to take YPT training and pay $132 dollars to do the attendance activity on top of the now $180 dollars + pack costs to register his son, he will simply refuse to help the den leader, or worse, he will get in his car and go home, possibly taking his son home with him forever. That helps no one and actively detracts from the program. It is not thrifty and I am struggling to see a material improvement to any Barrier to Abuse mechanism. If you can identify something I’ve not considered, I’m interested in hearing it.

I understand the purpose of registering leaders. Our pack has 12 trained and paid leaders for 52 scouts and their fees are covered as part of the dues that the Pack charges the scouts. We do not ask volunteer adults to pay for the privilege of giving their time to the betterment of scout’s lives. We ask them to get trained and to serve. We have utilized the power of Scoutbook to accomplish those small logistical tasks with ease and to spread the load among the leaders and parents. We will simply have to give up that convenience and go back to the old way, which is hand the dad a clipboard to take attendance and then having a registered leader type them into Scoutbook at a later time (which is not a thrifty use of my registered leaders’ time in my opinion).

The change our Council announced last night on fees added $5720 to our pack expense line based on our existing scout and registered adult profile. That is a 110% increase in our annual budget. I am struggling with the advice on this thread that I go register more adults like this dad who uses access to Scoutbook to help a den leader with attendance while I’m looking at how the unit will generate the money to cover this additional financial burden. We will simply stop asking parents to help in this way, making the burden on our registered leaders higher. Frankly, I’m not sure how much of the unit will be left once these financial numbers hit the families over the coming days so this whole discussion may be moot.

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Technical question about this change. I noticed that the yellow triangle is appearing in Scoutbook adjacent to some of our adults in leader positions. I assume these are the ones who are not meeting the requirements. Most I have no argument with - they are unregistered and I understand why they will be removed. However, our Lion Guide - not just the Lion Adult Partners - is also flagged. I checked and my.scouting.org roster shows him registered as both Adult Partner and Lion Guide, and BSA ID number matches in both spots. How can I get this fixed for our unit?

I believe we have reported the Lion Guide issue to developers

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Yes, the Lion Guide issue has been reported to the developers.

Lion and Tiger Adult Partners will be removed from the unit roster on March 1 as they do not have Criminal Background Checks are not required to take Youth Protection Training. Adult Partners can still be connected to their children as Parent/Guardians.

Two of our Adult Leaders on our Official BSA Pack roster (ALL Adults on our Scouting.org have current YPT training) have been flagged with yellow triangles on Scoutbook (Tiger Den Leader and Unit Executive). Is there something that needs to be done to have this rectified prior to 1 Mar to prevent them from being removed our Leader Roster on Scoutbook?


The Institutional Head is not actually a registered leader as they do not have Criminal Background Checks. Unless the Institutional Head is registered in another position that requires a CBC, they will be removed from unit rosters.

Your Tiger Den Leader should not be removed. If you post the BSA Member ID only, I can check on the registration and if properly registered notify the developers.

I found another one of our Den Leaders with yellow triangle. Note: Changes were made to their Pack position/roles in Scoutbook today, so not sure if it needs overnight to synchronize between Scouting.org and Scoutbook. BSAIDs:
Tiger Den Leader: 13488961
Wolf Assistant Den Leader: 12880000

@NealeThompson - these are 2 good examples - thanks

@NealeThompson - the second one is a DL not ADL

@NealeThompson - just to be sure - you went to the Edit Profile to get the BSA #'s?

Yes. Checked that their BSAIDs on Scoutbook (within the Edit Profile menu) and Scouting.Org correlate.

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Yes. That is correct.

Having the same problem here with two leaders, including myself. I transferred in from another district, and have my old and new BSA numbers on my.scouting. Getting a yellow triangle, and it looks like a duplicate account was created automatically somehow?

If I change my primary ID to the “current” BSA ID, my.scouting seems to lose my training, and I lose connection to my son’s info, plus all of my current position related permissions.

Any ideas on how to untangle this?

Our new treasurer is an existing parent, so they’ve been issued a BSA number as part of the recharter, but SB seems to have created a duplicate account, with no email address. I’m guessing I email to merge the two accounts?


I sent you a private message. Click on the blue circle with white A in the upper right corner.

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I have two leaders with duplicate accounts following recharter. The account they’ve been using - with all their training, connection to Scouts, etc - is flagged for removal. I want to give them correct instructions for using the Manage Member ID tool. Which Member ID needs to be set as primary - the one with all the training and connections but flagged for removal, or the one with no training or connections but not flagged?


Post the MID here and we will investigate. We do not need a name.

13112298 & 2231321

12085491 & 136928196

In both cases, the first MID is the one being used by the leader, and the second is the registered & background-checked MID.

It looks like the first pair has no training but a good email associated with the first MID. The second MID has training but no email.

In the second pair, the first MID originated in a different council. There is a mix of training between the two MIDs that should be preserved.

Thanks for the help.

On 13112298 & 2231321, MID 13112298 has been deleted. I have merged the Scoutbook accounts so that the account he uses has the MID 2231321 and the proper set of positions. He will need to login with his my.scouting.org ID where he does his training.

On 12085491 & 136928196. I have put MID 136928196 on the SB account. The leader needs to log in to my.scouting.org and navigate to MENU → Manage Member ID. Add MID 12085491 and make sure MID 136928196 is marked as primary.

In both cases, the leaders ended up with duplicate Scoutbook accounts because they used different first names when they registered.


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2231321 and 13628196 are now the only versions showing on our Pack Roster. Both have yellow triangles. Will these be removed in an overnight data refresh (assuming 13628196 follows your instructions)? They are DL & ADL in the same Den so I want to get this right…


I expected the warning icon to disappear immediately. I’ll have to speak with the developers. It may be Tuesday before I get an answer as tomorrow the BSA is closed due to President’s Day.