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Questions on the March 1 Adult leader update

I have one adult leader(AdultUserID=8164230) who shows up with the warning icon if his position is unapproved, but the warning disappears if I approve his position.

(I have not tried this with every leader, but when I tried it with one other leader, the warning icon does not appear when is is unapproved.)

The BSA id in Scoutbook matches my.scouting.org.

Does this mean parents cannot track their Scout in Scoutbook? Parents largely do not have member id’s but are connected to their Scout. I see they can remain connected, but can they monitor and or update their record?

Nothing changes for parents. This change only affects who can be on the u it roster in Scoutbook.


Got it… thanks. Apparently got it thanks is too short of a reply post so I wrote this instead. lol

Hi, could someone please clarify (under the new March 1st rules) how to add non-registered parents so that multiple parents can be associated with a single Scout?

Thanks in advance,

@DavidMound - in the same way you add non registered parents before 1 March.

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Go to the Scout’s connection page (My Dashboard → Administration → Unit Roster → Scout → Scout’s Connections) then click +Add. First search for the adult then if not found, create a new account. Select the Parent/Guardian connection type, enter an optional message and click invite.

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Thank you. The parent added this way will get cc’ed on any emails to the Scout, but won’t have SB access, correct?

@DavidMound - the parent will have access as before. Nothing is changing there.

This change only removes non-registered adults from the Adult Leader section of the roster in Scoutbook and prevents non-registered adults from being added as an Adult Leader to the Scoutbook roster. No other functionality is changing.

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I am having the same problem here. Two of my leaders (DL and Webelo DL) have yellow triangles. Verified their ID matched between Scoutbook and Unit Membership Roster (scouting.org), not sure what this means or how to fix it. :slight_smile:

Member numbers: 136678407. and 12710159


Post their BSA Member IDs (we don’t need names) and we will investigate.

Really what should happen (but won’t so that they can charge for adult leaders) is to allow anyone to get YPT trained without having to be an official leader. And it should be as simple as getting whoever (ie parents) in a room during a pack meeting and have a leader go over the training.

YPT is available to any interested person for free, official leader or not. It takes all of an hour to complete the online training.

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As @SteveCagigas noted, anybody can take YPT. I encouraged all of the parents in my den to do so “back in the day”, and most took me up on it. A lot of them were surprised about the extent of the safeguards and rules in place.

I know that there was an in-person option, but I believe it had to be coordinated through council (at least in our area). I don’t know if that option still exists in general, or if it’s only available in jurisdictions which specifically require in-person training for leaders in youth organizations.

This change has more to do than simply Youth Protection Training. It is removing any adults that have not had a criminal background check (CBC) from the rosters in Scoutbook. The BSA originally wanted to remove all adults who is not registered with the unit. The SUAC worked to convince the BSA that checking for a registration in any position that requires a CBC and YPT would be sufficient.


As far as I know, anyone can create an account and take YPT training through my.scouting.org because it is a pre-requisite for the application submittal now. We currently use this mechanism as part of the commitment screening and preparing them for future registered roles.

We are also discussing doing an abridged YPT version for all parents during a fall Pack meeting. The leaders take the scouts outside for an activity and we cover the basics with all the parents so they are better equipped to do the parent packet in the front of their book with their scout at home. We’ve not hammered out the full plan yet but we are discussing in committee.


Building on @GlennSimmonds’ point, one key step that makes lives easier (usually) is to make sure that the email with which adults register at my.scouting is the same as the email with which they connect to Scoutbook. Having those two emails be different seems to increase the frequency with which we get duplicate accounts forming. Also, the full name should match in both cases. I’ve seen both of those items cause havoc when they differ.


So if a person takes YPT then would they have access to scoutbook as the poster above requested?

It’s not clear to which poster above you are referring.

However, based on what @edavignon posted above, adults who are not current registered leaders will no longer be able to be part of the adult leader roster in Scoutbook, regardless of what training they have or have not taken.

Parents who are connected to their scouts should remain connected to their scouts with parent access, assuming things go to plan. That should similarly be independent of what training they have or have not taken, again assuming that the rollout goes per plan. They should continue to have access to their scout(s), receive emails and event announcements through Scoutbook as before, based on everything I’ve seen from SUAC about this planned change.