'Quick Edit Scout Leadership' doesn't allow dates in the future

You can set start and end dates in the future through the normal UI, so you should be able to do it in Quick Entry as well…

Also, if a leadership record has an End Date set via the normal UI, the Quick Entry UI does not show it / drops it.

The Developer knows this - in their backlog

The next release of the extension will allow the future dates.

However, the second point will be unchanged. The point of the Quick Entry is to add and end positions, so historical positions are not included.

My second point is referring to a future end date on a current position.

The way the tool works now, it will wipe out all existing future end dates that are currently saved.

I agree that if the end date is in the past, that position record should not be included.

Ok - understood. I have a fix for that too, in testing stages.

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