Roster Builder - Leadership Postions with a future end date are not showing

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a leadership position to a scout with a future end date.
  2. Run a Roster Builder report which includes that scout and leadership positions selected.
  3. Note that the scouts leadership position is not shown.

While the devs are in there…hopefully they can fix the issue that the report does not distinguish patrol from troop leadership positions.

Is this only for future start dates as well, or for both past and future start dates?

It would also probably be good to have a toggle to turn on/off positions with a future start date. Otherwise, I can see confusion cropping up about who has what positions right now, as opposed to later. I can see some utility to showing positions with future start dates (e.g. to ensure that the entire future PLC has been added).

This has been reproduced and reported to the reports developers.

I also found a few anomalies with the behavior of position patches when future dates are used. These have been reported to the Scoutbook developers.

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