Duplicate data entry between Scoutbook and Internet Advancement

Why do we have to enter camping nights into Internet Advancement? This info is already recorded in Scoutbook. If an activity is listed as a campout, whoever is listed as having attended obviously has X amount of camping days and nights.

I feel that a lot of this digitization of Scout records has just made a bunch more work for Scoutmasters than the old way of making the Scouts keep track of it in their books.

It is not already entered in SB and never had been - the calendar and logs have always been separate. That being said, it is the goal of the Development team to streamline it.


I’ve had lots of cases where people arrive late or leave early for various reasons. So just because an event is for X days and Y nights doesn’t necessarily mean that those numbers apply equally to everyone who attended the event.

Scouts can still track this in their book. You can also delegate tracking this to other adult leaders, if you would prefer.

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@JSyler - i suspect you are thinking about the calendar which relates to zip zilch nada

Of course it is. Each event in Scoutbook has a list of those Scouts and adults who attended.

Sure, but that’s a matter of adding a feature to Scoutbook, not forcing everyone to enter this information twice.

It seems like the position that the BSA has taken (based on what’s getting features added) is that it’s a matter of adding the calendar functionality to IA2, rather than connecting the logs in IA2 to the calendar in Scoutbook.

To be honest, I don’t generally use the attendance feature in Scoutbook anymore, and even then only for meetings, rather than for events, largely because it doesn’t really do much of anything. I used it regularly as a DL, but having that record wasn’t terribly useful for anything in the long run. That could easily impact my viewpoint on what the “right” direction to go in terms of new feature development is. On the other hand, I find IA2 so opaque in general as to be nearly unusable, so that weighs back the other direction…