Quick entry is not working right

I am trying to do quick entry for cub camp requirements completed last week. It looks like I am getting “confirmation” that it went thru correctly, but it is only sticking on my kids and not other scouts. I’m at wit’s end here with this program & system change.
Also trying to enter requirements for Wolves keeps on giving me an error outright and not falsely confirming that it took what I am entering

the QE is an issue that is known and being looked at - the other we would need more data on to advise. @MichaelCasella

let me know what information you need. I have sons that are AOL and Bear. I was able to do QE (at least falsely…) for Bear thru AOL. I tried to enter 2 different adventures for wolf scouts and i got an error message

When will QE be fixed? this is getting ridiculous

@MichaelCasella what does the error say? does it say something like rank/6 at the end?

When will we know when QE is ready to use? shoudn’t it be disabled if it’s not working?

(FWIW i am in the “cubmaster” role in SB+)

that is know - are all scouts on same version of adventure?

Yea it looks like it. I clicked on each scout’s profile from Roster and in the “wolf” rank it shows Requirements version “2024 (current)” for each.

Still hoping to get direction on when this feature will be resolved. I don’t read the change logs regularly/just come to the forums when there are problems to report. Thanks

You can subscribe to the change logs, and get an email when there are updates. This is an explanation of how to do it.


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The BSA does not pre-announce fixes. The only indication of a fix will be in Scoutbook - Scoutbook Plus Change Log - Scouting Forums


This is helpful.

@edavignon It would be nice to know what features are broken so we don’t waste our time thinking admin tasks are being completed, or trying to work around issues just to find out they are impossible with the current state of this application.


Users have previously requested the issues list but the BSA will not release it. The best we can do is indicate an issue has been previously reported.

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I wholly acknowledge and am sorry you are stuck in the middle of this

…but shouldn’t BSA take some ownership on their poor product and lack of communication to their user base? Does this sentiment feedback ever make it up the chain?


We cannot continue to push the BSA on issues they have given us an answer to. Note that neither Apple nor Microsoft release bug lists.

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If you want to try to keep pushing it, your best bet is to try to convince your council professionals to push the issue via their channels. Keep in mind that you’re not asking them to advocate in favor of moving the ball from the top of the hill to the bottom on the side you want it (i.e. no opinion to taking the action you favor). Rather, you’re trying to get them to maintain a sustained push to get the ball back to the top and down on your side of the hill (from “no” to “yes”). So, you’re going to need a clear business case for why the council should favor and advocate for that outcome and why BSA national should approve it ('cause at the end of the day, the cost of doing something isn’t the only consideration, but it is a significant one).

@MichaelCasella I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green envelope > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

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