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I’m not seeing quick fill anymore for rank adv and merit badges (I’m not sure if that was exactly what it was called). Is that feature gone?

Quick entry is still available for leaders within your unit. Do you have a registered position? Do you see it under my dashboard > administration > my account > my positions? Does it have a green shield?

I am Troop Admin and Scoutmaster. It used to be there and now it’s gone or it’s somewhere else.

@DawnSelly - I just checked my troop and pack and quick entry is most certainly there. It is on the unit pae and in patrol/den pages.

I logged in to Scoutbook today and am having the exact same issue. All of my quick entry items are gone as well as the Black Pug Import. I am the Scoutmaster and Troop Admin and have been using these features for months, but now they do not appear in my list. How do we fix this???

@JulianaRather - sounds like you are using the feature extension for chrome. That is supported by the volunteer that wrote it.

Screen shots folks…makes it easier to understand.

The Black Pug import is also gone. I understand screenshots would be helpful, I just asked quick to see if there was a quick answer. I will take screenshots and send.

I would appreciate it if the responses to questions/issues on the forum were not responded to with the assumption that the person with the issue is an idiot who has never used the program before. Telling Dawn that she should check if she has a registered position is not responsive to her actual issue. In addition, I know that I am using the extension, but was not informed that problems with the extension would not/could not be addressed on this forum. Thought this forum was for volunteers to be helpful to each other.
Positive, helpful, considerate responses folks - makes life a lot easier.

@JulianaRather - scoutbook does not provide support for the volunteer written extension. There is help and contact info for it and a forum section just for that. It appears to be an issue with the extension.

Same thing I wrote on the other thread, I’m not sure if that is the case. I have logged on using multiple devices (ipad, phone, 2 different laptops and used Internet Explorer) same thing.

I emailed the author of the extension to see if he can help.

Thank you for doing that Juliana!

I just checked on the iPhone and Quick entry seems to still be functioning. I can not verify chrome or extension.

Thanks, @ZachEagle. There are levels and levels of Quick Entry. The ones built in to Scoutbook should work, regardless of platform. The Quick Entry tools that are from the Feature Assistant will only work on a laptop running Chrome or Firefox, though.

Yep. That’s what mine looks like, too.

I will add that I most run Scoutbook in Chrome. I had that feature and the black pug import within the past 2 weeks (because I used it after camp) and now are gone.

I am actually using the feature assistant extension for Firefox, not Chrome, but it is acting the same way yours is. Only have Scoutbook on my PC so I can’t check anywhere else.

I finally found the forum specifically for the feature assistant and have posted the problem there as well - see if we can get answers there.

I decided to give this a try on my pc with the exntion installed in chrome and this is what I see on Quick Entry: