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Quick Entry to start new merit badges

A few weeks ago, I entered all of the merit badges my boys’ troop would need for camp using Quick Entry. It was quick and easy and awesome.
Today, I went into Scoutbook to do the game for my girls’ troop. Quick entry to start a new merit badge is no longer showing.
I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine this – where did the function go? Can you bring it back, please?!?
I understand this functionality is available via the Chrome extension, but I thought I was using native Scoutbook. With extensions not available on the iPad, it would be much better to have it available in the app itself.

Please advise.

Quick Entry -> Start Merit Badges is part of the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook - it is not part of native Scoutbook.

The extension is not available for mobile devices. You need to use Chrome or Firefox on a computer

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