Quick Nav Window Displays Wrong Scout


An assistant scoutmaster brought this to my attention. He accessed Scoutbook from his iPhone through a web browser. When he logs out, he used the Quick Nav, which can be accessed from the sandwich icon on the top left hand corner. When the Quick Nav window pops up, he would usually see his son’s name and profile appear in the window. Recently, he noticed the name of another scout showing in place of his son’s name.

The name of the other scout that he saw in the Quick Nav window belonged to another scout that is in the same patrol as his son.

May someone look into this, as this might be happening to other users as well?

The Quick Nav is specific to the user and the browser - other users will not see what he is seeing. He should be able to clear it by clearing his browser cache and cookies.

The quick nav tries to remember what you have visited a lot recently, but it doesn’t work very well.


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