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Wrong Scout's Name Appears

When I click on My Account / My Connections, I see a list of Scouts. Some of them are marked “Full Control” - these are Scouts in the patrol for which I am the adult leader, and things seem to be working normally there (mostly).

Some of the Scouts on this list are marked “View Profile” instead of “Full Control” - these are Scouts for whom I am a MB Counselor. When I click on one of these Scouts, it displays his correct rank and the names of his parents, but the name displayed at the top of the page is a completely different Scout.

Furthermore, when I click on the name displayed at the top of the page, I see a dropdown list of 6 names. My Connections shows 7 Scouts for whom I have “Full Control” plus 2 Scouts for “View Profile.” So the dropdown list is missing 1 - 3 Scouts, depending on which list it should be working from.

Try clearing the cache on your browser and re-loading the page, and see if that resolves the problem.

This is in the backlog but has not been fully diagnosed yet

This also often appears when a Scout’s membership is not approved

The name at the top of the screen will only show Scouts in the unit for which you are a leader. If you click on a Scout for which you are a Merit Badge Counselor but they are not in your unit, you will see an incorrect name. The names in the dropdown menu are designed for quick access to other Scouts.

As Donovan said, this is in the backlog but we do not know when it will be scheduled for work.

I have a Scout in my unit who does not appear on the dropdown list. This is a Scout for whom I can View Profile but do not have Full Control. The dropdown list only shows Scouts for whom I have Full Control.

Now that I have puzzled over this a little more, the name at the top of the page will only show a name that is on the dropdown list. If I am viewing the profile of a Scout who is not on that list, his name will not appear, and I get another Scout’s name instead.

This would be less confusing if the correct name appeared somewhere else on the page. It took me a while to realize the name displayed so prominently at the top of the page was a dropdown list with limited choices of names.

I hope this additional information helps you diagnose what is going on.

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