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Ranger Award Shooting Sports Elective Correction Needed

I made a forum post in the Venturing forum back in June but still haven’t seen it corrected. Link to original forum is: Ranger Award Shooting Sports Elective

“It looks like on the Ranger Award 24a iv-vii should actually be under iii as a-d. Choosing one shooting tool and completing the option does not complete 24a as it should.”

This is still in the backlog. I do not know when it will be fixed.

Are you able to get any estimate at all? I will likely be finishing up the award in the next couple of months and would prefer to not have to say I completed requirements I didn’t do just to get it to appear on the PO, even if the requirements aren’t actually required due to what I’ve done.

Scoutbook does not require underlying requirements to be marked complete in order to mark the award complete. When you have completed all the requirements as written, just click on Percent Complete and enter your completion date.

The BSA does not provide us advance notice as to when they will be working on specific features.

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