Rank Advancement not logging

The export I got from Camp Constantin (Black Pug) includes merit badge and rank advancement. None of the rank advancement is uploading into Scoutbook. The Version column has 0 for the rank advancement items. New Scouts working on advancement at camp has version 2022-23 assigned in Scoutbook. I tried updating the .csv with 2022-23, but that didn’t work either. Is there anything else I can try before I have to enter all of this manually? Thanks!

I do not think the Extension does rank stuff - @GaryFeutz ???

@KEVINSHOPOFF - from the extension help guide

Merit Badge import only

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We had to add 2023 only and it worked on our end. If that does not work you can always do a mass entry under your troop dashboard at the bottom of the page with “Quick Entry” then select “Enter Rank Req”. Hope just the year update works!!! Good Luck.

The extension does not support import of ranks. Only Merit Badges.

I do not advise changing anything in the CSV file as it will cause issues.

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